The TOKE.N Project

Offering Traceability From Farm to Consumer

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From Seed to Sale

The TOKE.N project will offer an easy to use and entertaining link that allows information to be transferred from the farmer and processors to the consumer without violating cannabis advertising restrictions. When the consumer purchases cannabis from one of our partners it will come with a QR code on the packaging. The consumer will scan the code and receive the following product information along with an NFT that authenticates it.


Genetics, growing methods, inputs, post-harvest techniques


Processing methods and ingredients, packaging system, packaging sourcing, transportation


Environmental practices, storage conditions, taxation structure

The NFTs


The NFTs available from cannabis packaging will be collectible, tradeable, and saleable


The first generation will consist of cannabis seeds that evolve into fully mature plants


Other collections will feature cannabis culture-themed art and music


For users outside Canada, NFTs can be purchased on our Marketplace or minted from our website


NFTs will be functional as a «membership card» to track purchases or offer loyalty points, where permitted


Users can collect sets of all strains from a grower, breeder, or region

The Marketplace

The TOKE.N site will have both an NFT marketplace as well as a traditional online store

The online store will provide a wide range of cannabis-related paraphernalia and home-growing supplies

It will be available internationally and accept TOKE.N and other cryptocurrencies as payment along with standard fiats

In Canada, there will be a federally licensed online medical cannabis dispensary where consumers with the proper medical documents can legally purchase cannabis and cannabis products from our partners. It is our goal to eventually accept cryptocurrencies for payment on this site as well

In the past year, Scotian OG has obtained seven cannabis licenses from Health Canada for third-party growers, and we have full confidence in obtaining the proper licensing for the TOKE.N project

International cannabis sales could happen in the future, depending on how other countries evolve their legalization programs and where we find potential partners. Currently, we are focusing on Canada due to the maturity of the industry and our ability to leverage our many connections across this country


The Metaverse

TOKE.N will be integrated as the primary currency in a VR game called New Block City. Players will be able to stake their TOKE.Ns and their collected or purchased NFTs on their own virtual farms in a borough of NBC called Agrestic

Free OG Farms

The top 50 TOKE.N holders will receive free OG farms when the gaming platform launches

«Breed» Two NFT

Users can «breed» two NFT seeds into one hybrid plant that will have genetic components of each seed. These hybrids can be more or less valuable than their parents on the marketplace. Each user creation will be unique and provide for varied gameplay over time

Types of sales

There will be both legal and illegal means to sell your crop in the game, with varying levels of risk and reward

NFTs as seeds

NFTs will start as seeds and mature overtime after the user plants (stakes) them

Level of Engagement

Mature plants will have more or less value depending on the level of engagement the user gives them


Anyone staking TOKE.Ns will receive some passive income, regardless of engagement level

Features of seeds

Seeds have genetic attributes and terpene profiles that affect their growth, yield, and value

Users Stake

Users can stake more TOKE.Ns to own more grow space and grow more plants to increase their profits on the marketplace

New Block City Integration

«New Block City is a Metaverse designed

to join 6 Blockchain projects into one lucrative Gaming

/ Trading opportunity for investors»


N.B.C. is built across multiple blockchains:

  • - Polygon
  • - Ethereum
  • - Binance

It will incorporate both token & NFT projects. Multiple development teams are working in union to bring a safe and lucrative gaming economy to their investors.

How is N.B.C. built?

  • Gotham - Cheems
  • Hawkins - MMAC
  • Springfield - MiniKishu
  • Charming - Picnic / MetaVault
  • Agrestic - TOKE.N

An urban landscape divided into 5 boroughs. Each borough has different strengths and weaknesses as well as a specific role in the greater New Block City Ecosystem.


Agrestic Borough

Each borough has their own currency, and primary economic function within the city.

The main economic function of Agrestic (TOKE.N) is Agriculture.

The super crop, hemp, is grown in abundance here. Hemp is used throughout the city for fuel, food, building supplies and medicine. Agrestic residents receive passive income from all city activity and TOKE.N is accepted city wide as currency for any transaction.

Agricultural District

Primary crop is hemp

Hemp rules the supply chain in the new world, so farmers are upper class citizens

OG Farmer plantation plots will be given to the top 50 holders of TOKE.N. There will be 100 available for sale to the public

1000 secondary farm plots will also be sold

Farmers will make passive income off all economic activity in the city

TOKE.N Ecosystem

1. Cannabis Industry Members

Direct marketing opportunity of their genetics and methodologies

Value-add of a collectible NFT to product

Increased customer loyalty and brand awareness


Is the main currency of the marketplace and game

Gains value from NFT engagement and trading

Supply decreases with volume

3. Consumer

Receives reliable information about cannabis products from a non-biased source

Get collectable NFTs that gain value with engagement

Obtain further value from staking and trading TOKE.N


Initial token allocation

Initial supply 1 000 000 000 000

Presale (20%)

Liquidity (60%)

Burn (20%)

10% tax on all transactions

4% Liquidity Pool

3% Cannabis Start-Up Fund

2% Marketing and Development Fund

1% Burn

Roadmap 2021 - 2022

Q4 - 2021

- Whitepaper Released

- Website and Social Media sites launched

Q2 - 2022

- NFT Marketplace Soft Launch

- First Exchange Listings

Q4 - 2022

- Full NFT Marketplace Launched

- New Block City Launch

Q3 - 2021

- TOKE.N Conceptualized

- Partnership initiated

Q1 - 2022

- TOKE.N Launches

- CG and CMC listings

Q3 - 2022

- QR Code Launch

- Farming Begins

Q3 - 2021

- TOKE.N Conceptualized

- Partnership initiated

Q4 - 2021

- Whitepaper Released

- Website and Social Media sites launched

Q1 - 2022

- TOKE.N Launches

- CG and CMC listings

Q2 - 2022

- NFT Marketplace Soft Launch

- First Exchange Listings

Q3 - 2022

- QR Code Launch

- Farming Begins

Q4 - 2022

- Full NFT Marketplace Launched

- New Block City Launch